My work takes roots between spontaneity and control. Paint seems to flow or to become emaciated and to disappear. The artworks develop between imagination, illusion and reality. I attempt to create connections, tensions, fusions, and resistance between elements taken from different fields.
The artworks then become a place of confrontations, meetings and associations; a space made of reflections, questions, and experiments; an area where you can let yourself go with your imagination, sensations, questionings, doubts, hopes.
In each piece, there is a search for a balance between the free act of painting and ways to inspect and control. It is as if the technological ‘artificiality’ enters the organic trying to control it, but without fully succeeding.
There are also some little games and some kind of reverse orders in these artworks. Their space can be constricted, strict, and rigid, or open, unbounded, fluid.
These artworks have no particular or singular aim; they do not exist to relieve people from something or to cause distress. They are more about dismantling certitudes and magnifying ambiguity and mystery. They enhance an admiration of nature and astonishment of our world in its complexity as well as in its raw beauty.


Lili Heller